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Can't sleep? Neither could I!

My name is Rocky. Unlike the media makes bears out to be, I had the hardest time sleeping. When I eventually managed to get to sleep, I would wake up throughout my sleep, making me never feeling fully rested. I wasn't able to get a full days work in. I never had the energy to go out. My friends gave me "The Groggy Grizzly" as my nickname.I was so fed up...

So I learned everything there was about getting better sleep.I developed better habits like not hunting and eating before bedtime. I invested in products that darkened my cozy cave, kept me cooler, and blocked out all those noisy crickets! All of this came together to give me just what I needed to start getting more restful sleep so that I could feel great and refreshed.

Now, I want to share that with you! Whether you were like me and couldn't fall asleep or got poor sleep hours, or you're a mom who needs help getting the little one to get to bed, or you're a busy person who just wants a nap that ACTUALLY makes you feel energized versus even more tired. I learned so much on my journey and decided to open a shop that had the same products that I love to use.

All of the products in my store are products I use and tested (and love!). They all solve different issues, but in the end, it was all to get better sleep. Some of them ship from my friend's warehouses which take a couple weeks to get to you where as some of them are ones I've gotten from some distant relatives who live in the Amazon and can be there in less than a week. Where ever the products are, you can be sure that they make sure you get a better night sleep!

And if you have any questions, feel free to contact me saying "Rocky, I need your help falling asleep!"

To a good, restful sleep,
Rocky, The Happily Sleeping Bear and Owner of Natural Sleep Essentials