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Hooga Blue Light Blocking, Amber LED Clip-On Reading Book Light with Adjustable Brightness

The Hoogalite is a non-blue light emitting clip-on reading light that emits only a sleep friendly, amber hue which reduces eye strain and helps the body maintain a natural circadian rhythm. Before the days of smartphones, LED TVs, and bright fluorescent lighting, our ancestors would spend their evenings reading and socializing over firelight or candlelight. Amber light such as candle light contains extremely low levels of blue spectrum light. The problem with blue spectrum light is that it is especially effective at signaling the body to wake up, be alert, and stay awake. In the evenings, particularly after the sun sets, we need to limit our exposure to blue light. The Hoogalite emits only 0.06% of its light from the blue light spectrum, encouraging the body's natural secretion of melatonin to promote a more restful, deep night of sleep like our ancestors used to experience. With a 1200mAh lithium ion rechargeable battery, you'll have up to 30 hours of sleep friendly, amber hue light to enjoy on a single charge. Don't be fooled by other reading lights boasting longer battery life, either, as those exaggerated times are based on 10% power settings. The Hoogalite offers two power settings, 50% which emits 35 lumens and 100% which emits 70 lumens. A flexible, 7-inch gooseneck allows you to customize your lighting experience and cast a gentle, amber hue in any direction you please. This can be especially useful when reading in bed with a partner, so as to not disturb them while they sleep. The Hoogalite weighs just 2.5 ounces and can be rolled up and packed conveniently into a purse, briefcase or travel bag for use on the go. So grab a book, turn down the overhead lights, clip on the Hoogalite and rest assured that you're doing your circadian rhythm, your sleep, and your overall health a huge favor!


  • 💡Gentle, amber hue light that is 99.94% free of blue spectrum light to encourage the production of melatonin in the evening and reduce eye strain. A lack of blue light helps melanopsin receptors in the retina signal to the brain that it is time to secrete melatonin in preparation for sleep.
  • 💡The Hoogalite is not only sleep friendly, but also lightweight, portable and travel friendly. Our clip-on reading light weighs only 2.5oz and features a strong, sturdy grip to ensure the light stays where it is clipped.
  • 💡Flexible, 7-inch gooseneck allows for a customized lighting experience. This is especially useful when reading in bed with a partner, so as to not disturb them while you read. With two brightness settings of 50% and 100%, the Hoogalite allows for variable brightness levels of 35 and 70 lumens respectively.
  • 💡The Hoogalite features a high capacity, rechargeable 1200mAh lithium ion battery that powers 4 bright LED amber lights that do not flicker. Up to 30 hours of reading on low setting before needing to be recharged. Our light features the largest battery capacity of all clip on reading lamps on the market. Every Hoogalite purchase includes a free, 36 inch USB charging cable which can be used to charge the reading light to a full charge in 4 hours.
  • 💡Use this clip light as an alternative to wearing blue blocker glasses while reading in bed at night. Hoogalite can also be used as a nightlight for kids that casts a soft, amber light that won't disturb them while they sleep.